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AVGTS: Best sealing properties thanks to ionomers

The AVGTS is a special bottom film with best sealing properties and excellent meat adhesion, which is owed to integrated ionomers composed of ethylene methacrylic acid copolymers. The resulting ionic crosslinks are reversible as they dissolve at usual processing temperatures and form again during the cooling phase. The excellent recovery properties and optimal meat adhesion of the AVGTS are particularly beneficial for the production of cooked ham, but also very much in demand for packaging fresh meat. This innovative film with a heat tolerance of maximum 76°C allows gentle cooking of products for up to 12 hours and convinces with minimal jelly or juice separation as well as very good recovery properties. The AVGT is perfectly suitable for products with a defined volume requiring box-shaped forms.

The material’s sealing capabilities are impressively good, guaranteeing tight packaging even at low sealing temperatures or when the sealing area has been contaminated by water, grease or other product fluids. The AVGTS reliably prevents air penetration and can easily withstand mechanical stress, even when sharp-edged or pointed products are packaged.

Features of AVGTS:

  • Excellent meat adhesion
  • Minimal jelly separation during cooking
  • Medium barrier against oxygen and water vapour
  • Extremely high transparency
  • Brilliant gloss
  • Best sealing properties even with contaminated sealing surfaces
  • Extreme mechanical strength
AVGTS7 Layer PA Special/PE/SURLYN® Film230my
AVS5-7 Layer PA Special/PE/SURLYN® Film80-300my
allflex ION11 Layer PA Special/PE/SURLYN® Film100my, 230my