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The classic of our assortment: AV

The AV is the classic of our variety of composite films featuring a wide range of applications. With its 5-7 PA/PE layers, available in thicknesses from 70 to 300my, it runs perfectly as a bottom film on thermoforming packaging machines, due to its excellent formability. This standard film offers a medium barrier against oxygen and water vapour. Its high degree of transparency and gloss make the products stand out at the point of sale, while its excellent sealing properties, puncture resistance and exceptional mechanical strength are equally impressive. The AV tolerates temperatures of up to 70°C for up to 2 hours and is therefore also suitable for pasteurisation.

Features of AV:

  • Medium barrier against oxygen and water vapour
  • Highly transparent
  • Very glossy
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Increased puncture resistance