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ALLVAC introduces recyclable barrier film

„A major achievement in the sustainability issue”

ALLVAC has recently been developing a barrier film suitable for thermoforming applications with complete recyclability. The new film, manufactured both as top and bottom film, has now received certification from the cyclos-HTP institute in the most demanding AAA category. Its designated barrier properties are comparable to those of classic PA/PE films. Equally convincing qualities are excellent machinability, high transparency and outstanding sealing properties.

Environmentally friendly alternative

“With this film, we have achieved another major step forward in the key issue of sustainability”, rejoices Thomas Herbst, Sales Manager of ALLVAC. The environmentally friendly, newly developed product aims to meet the significantly increased demand for low-impact alternatives. Research and development of the state-of-the-art film have been initiated and carried out in the company’s in-house laboratory and application technology centre.

„This important certification has brought our vision of ‘Design for Recycling’ to market maturity”, confirms Mr Herbst. According to this document, this particular film can in fact be re-used to manufacture new products subsequent to recycling. By this new development, ALLVAC presents an ecologically advantageous contribution to the implementation of the closed loop recycling management as required by the German Packaging Act.

Sustainable packaging solution

Primarily sensitive food products such as meat, sausage, fish or seafood are optimally packaged in barrier films. The same applies to cheese, potatoes, ready meals or vegetables, all of which will remain fresh longer and are reliably protected against spoilage both during transport and on retail shelves.

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The production of thermoforming barrier films based on polyethylene and polyamide is the core competence of ALLVAC. These composite films are used in particular for the packaging of perishable foods. The Allgäu-based family business covers the entire process chain from development to extrusion and packaging, so that customers benefit from maximum flexibility and speed. ALLVAC was founded in 1992 by Hans Bresele senior and since 2007 has been a 100 percent subsidiary of the ALLFO Group. ALLVAC has since drawn a continuous success curve upwards, which is based on a conservative awareness of values, a great deal of innovation and high quality standards. The production of thermoforming barrier films is accomplished in two different processes: Blow extrusion is used to produce blown films, cast extrusion for casting the films. The choice of process depends on the desired efficiency, the final application and the required film properties, such as film thickness, gas barrier level, film strength and sealing capability.  


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